Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lotus Bud

Lotus Bud

This was growing in a small Koi pond I saw at a nursery. It was nice because the buds were right along the edge of the display and easy to photograph. This is a link to a Wikipedia article on Lotus.

It really is a fascinating plant.

If you don’t have a water garden to grow a Lotus plant in you could always get your dog a Lotus chew toy.

That red carp looks cool too.


misti said...

Awesome photo! A lotus is something I'd love to have in a pond one day

artistsgarden said...

This is just beautiful,

June said...


joey said...

The 'Lotus Bud' is indeed a fascinating plant, Chris ... a beautiful photo.

Sara Chapman said...

You have made a wonderful photo. So luscious and silky. Perfect!