Thursday, October 23, 2008

Golden Chrysanthemum

Golden Chrysanthemum

The title is just referring to the color of this mum. The daisy flowered types have really grown on me this year. They seem so exotic amongst the sea of cushion mums. This one has been doing well and it is exceeding my number one criteria for mums, which is how long they last. Most of the mums seemed so early this year.

The bulb fest continues today. Another 600 tulips and we are going to try to plant 600 Daffs too. That might not be that hard under normal conditions however the planting site is loaded with tree roots, pipes, wires and in one area a gas line. The garden has the infrastructure of a small city running below it. It is almost impossible to dig a hole and not find something. It should be an adventure and all that will be forgotten when the bulbs are blooming next spring.


Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Stunning pics and flowers oh...I so wish that I could grow them. / Tyra

Mrs. V. said...

Those are seriously gorgeous! Great Color!

Princess Haiku said...

There is no flower with quite the splendor of a chrysanthemum and your vivid yellow flower dazzles.

I have a lot of spider chrysanthemum photos in my recent blogs. I hope to go to a chrysanthemum show on Friday and will have even more.

To day the 14 mums I planted last July are trying to bloom but we are having an atypical heatwave (still in the high 80s) and the poor flowers don't realize it's nearly winter. I hope it cools down soon before they burn up. The people at King's Mums says this is the latest blooming season they have had in 30 years.

Gretchen said...

Really great close up shots of these flowers!

2sweetnsaxy said...

Wow, these are great. I love the gold and the lighting... and the drops of water too. Really nice!