Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cactus Dahlia

Cactus Dahlia
Dahlia cultivar

Well the Dahlias are done for the year with the last couple of nights toasting them black. I don’t usually pull them out right after the frost because there are other gardening chores to be done. They can stay out another couple of weeks, if necessary, because we are right on the fringe of the area where they would be hardy. In my 30 plus years of gardening experience Dahlias have actually lived in the ground all winter here twice. Normally that takes a combination of conditions for that to happen including a very well drained planting site, warmer than usual weather conditions and a warm microclimate space in the garden. I don’t plan for that perfect storm to happen so I remove the tubers and put them in the root cellar for the winter, usually packed in peat moss.

This Cactus type was really beautiful in the garden this year and was producing nice flowers up until a couple of weeks ago. The tubers got mixed up this year so I don’t know the variety.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I love dahlias.

DeniseinVA said...

Marvelous dahlias! Thanks for sharing them.

Jannibele said...

Bright and cheery Dahlia. My favourite flowers.

Villrose said...

Yes, the dear Dahlias are placed in the cellar by now...
Nice Cactus Dahlia :-)