Friday, June 01, 2007

Indigofera ??

About ten years ago I got this plant at the Wave Hill plant sale. I hadn’t seen it before and it looked a little scrawny so I planted it behind the tennis court. There are a few other interesting plants out there but for the most part the plants need to be really tough to survive. This is the first time, I think, that it has bloomed. I don’t remember the species and the answer to that is on my old computer (maybe). When I switched computers the Estate’s database didn’t switch over. The program was too old so I have to boot the old Blue & White and copy it into FileMaker Pro. I wish I had done that before. Well anyway I was really excited to see it bloom, as the flower is nice. Of course I had forgotten my camera, which necessitated about a half-mile walk back to get it at the shed (uphill most of the way). I will post the name when I find it or maybe someone tuning in will know it. I thought it was a species of Indigofera but after looking up a few dozen of them I am not so sure. Most of the species seemed to have long racemes but this flower is short and stubby. The shrub is about 4 feet tall with a slight weeping habit. I should post over on the UBC Forums as they know every plant, and I mean every one.

Here is a black and white of the foliage. You can see that it has a quite nice look to it.


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Blackswamp_Girl said...

Whatever it is, it is quite exquisite. Can you contact Wave Hill for any thoughts or ideas on it?

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I am going to ask Marco when I see him again. It was a long time ago.