Sunday, December 02, 2012

Zygopetalum Orchid

Zygopetalum B.G. White 'Stonehurst

Continuing my education on different orchid genera here is the beautiful Zygopetalum type. There are fourteen species and they are native to South America. The waxy fragrant flowers are easy to grow and last a long time as a cut flower. I am looking to add a few of these to the new orchid collection at work.

Since it is Sunday here is the bonus snapshot. The other day we went to this super huge wholesale nursery on Long Island and the person with me bought a 4-inch Aloe plant for $2.15. It felt kind of funny walking out with just the little guy. I have also been dreaming about going to Hawaii this winter but that is kind of tough since I just started a new job. This Aloe was blooming in a foundation plant on the Big Island. I really like the yellow ones.

Aloe sp.

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