Friday, October 24, 2014

Bush Lily

Bush Lily
Clivia miniata

Clivia cultivation is easy but I must admit the time from when they go into the greenhouse in the fall until they bloom in the spring can be a little agonizing. Like most years I didn’t water these plants at all. As a gardener I find it hard to withhold water from any plant for that long. It just doesn’t seem prudent. This plant may have received a tiny bit of overspray from the watering of other plants around it but it hardly amounted to anything over the period of the months. The way I get through doing a gardening task like this is to say to myself that I am trying to recreate the conditions the plant sees in nature and we all know nature can be weird!

After we started to water them again we were soon rewarded with the brilliant orange unbels of orange flowers. It is quite a striking color and very showy. There are also yellow and primrose types available but they can be harder to find.

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