Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cinnamon Star Poinsettia

Novelty Poinsettia
Euphorbia pulcherrima 'Cinnamon Star'
(yoo-FOR-bee-uh) (pul-KAIR-ih-muh)

This is another of the Pixie Poinsettias we have at the house. There are a couple of Orchids blooming here too but that is it for anything colorful. The first picture was shot with the light on my desk and the 60mm/2.8 Micro-Nikkor and the second was the 105mm/2.8 using natural light. The 105 seems to have some interesting prospects as far as shadows go. I was instantly comfortable when I put the 60mm on the D700 and I think that will again be the main lens I use.

'Cinnamon Star' is a really nice Poinsettia. The color of the plant is actually more orangey-pink pastel. It has more color than the 'Visions of Grandeur' that was posted here a couple of weeks ago.

Last night we had some friends over to celebrate a late Christmas. I took these two shots of Karen's goddaughter and her boyfriend. Again using the 60mm lens. They are a cute pair aren't they? One thing I find amazing is the D700 low light capability. This was shot without a lot of light and no flash. I hope to try some portraits this New Year.


washaw said...

Terrific set of pictures. My wife brought home a little baby poinsette too this year. Cute.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

washaw, thanks for the comment. I like the little ones better than the large Poinsettias.

misti said...

I like the tone of the photos with that lens. I haven't gotten around to noticing all the nuances of our lens, but I go back and forth between my favorites! Chris ordered a 17-40 and I am excited for that one.