Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quick Trip to Longwood Gardens

Quick Trip to Longwood Gardens

On Tuesday Karen and I hustled down to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania for a one-night tour of the Christmas displays. Here is a link to the gardens:
Home Page

For those who don’t have time to click the link and don’t know about Longwood Gardens all I can say is it's a true American treasure. The gardens are amazing and worth visiting anytime of year. Each year at Christmas they put out over half a million lights and the huge Conservatory is decked out in a holiday theme. The Conservatory is probably the greatest I have been in. It is 4.5 acres and has 20 different garden areas including an indoor rose garden. It is monumental but not overwhelming.

There were several living wreaths and Christmas trees this year. This wreath was made of Begonias and was great. There were several Poinsettia wreaths and even an Orchid wreath.

Speaking of Orchids, Longwood has a great collection of them and all that were on display were beautiful. The Cattleya Orchids were particularly striking and their fragrance was washing over me as I took their pictures. Some of the flowers were not named but that didn’t diminish my joy or interest in them.

Some of my pictures ended up as corrupt files and I am not sure if that was a camera or a memory card issue (that new camera can’t get here fast enough). I hope to share a few more snaps over the next couple of days.


Les, Zone 8a said...

I know Longwood is renowned for its Christmas display. I dragged my family there two years ago, but in late July during a record breaking heat wave (over 100). My wife found a cool air conditioned spot inside while the boys ran around sweating. It is a truely great garden.

ChrisJ said...

These are beautiful orchids with their crinkled edges and delicate colors!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi Les, I have yet to visit in the top of the season but since we bought a yearly pass I will try to do it this year. Sometimes those really hot days are good for pictures as they aren't too many people in the garden.

ChrisJ, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. The Orchids were helplessly beautiful.

Jon said...

Always such a treat for me to visit your blog and feast my eyes on your excellent photos. Your tour of the Christmas display and the link was a great post. Thanks for sharing. Hope y'all have a wonderful holiday season and all the best in the new year.

Jon at Mississippi Garden blog

i beati said...

That wreath of ivy ribbon is lovely - do they still have interesting topiary??Sandy