Monday, December 29, 2008

Elephant Staghorn Fern

Elephant Staghorn Fern
Platycerium elephantotis
(plat-ee-SIR-ee-um) (el-eh-fun-TOH-tis)
Synonyms: Cabbage Fern, Elephant Ear Fern, Platycerium angolense

This fern, which was really pretty unusual looking, was growing at
The Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine in Manhattan.

Several months ago after reading about the greenhouse at Rusk I decided yesterday was the day to go. It is quite a nice little greenhouse and there is an outdoor garden there as well. Certainly not a botanical destination for people it is more of a quick visit type of place. There was good collection of plants, birds and Koi. The greenhouse is open to the public from 1-5pm every day. You can see the place is cared for with a lot of love.

One of the weirder things they had was Cotton (Gossypium). I had never seen it up close before. This one looked like a little figure hanging of the plant and at first it didn't look real.

It was an interesting day in NYC. Warm, real windy and very crowded. I covered several areas of the city and will probably be posting some more pictures over the next couple of days. I was interested in testing a few lenses with the new camera.

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Colin Purrington said...

Stumbled onto your blog while trying to ID a plant (at Longwood Gardens). Just wanted to say your photographs are fantastic. Definitely watermark them -- very stealable.