Sunday, August 01, 2010

Common Dandelion

Common Dandelion
Taraxacum officinale
(ta-RAKS-uh-kum) (oh-fiss-ih-NAH-lee)
Synonyms: Leontodon taraxacum, Lion's Tooth, Bitterwort, Chicoria, Fortune-Teller, Wild Endive, Puffball, Pee in the Bed, Blowball, Cankerwort, Swinesnout

This flower is the bane of lawn gardeners but after taking this picture I decided to find out a little more about it. Its first mention is by doctors in the Middle East in the 10th and 11th century although its history in China probably goes further back than that. It was introduced to North America by European settlers and found the ground to their liking. It chief medical use is for liver and kidney complaints. It is also used for salads, beer, wine and honey making. The plant contains calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium. The next time I am eradicating a large number of dandelions I will certainly have a little more respect.

“The miracles of nature do not seem miracles because they are so common. If no one had ever seen a flower, even a dandelion would be the most startling event in the world.”

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For today’s bonus picture here is a shot of a white Crabapple and some Mother’s Day red azaleas blooming this spring at one of the houses we take care of. No one could pull in without commenting on the combination. The Crabapple variety is unknown but it was very fragrant.


Dani said...

thank you very much for this informative post.

These are lovely flower shots.

Happy day!

RNSANE said...

The lowly dandelion puts for quite a pretty flower and, indeed, it has some substantial uses.

What a lovely shot that flowering crabapple makes with the red flowers! So nice!

Tammie said...

lovely that you honored the dandelion in this way! lovely last image as well.

Carletta said...

In my younger days I didn't like dandelions but have come to love them. :)
That second shot is gorgeous! The heat of summer makes me miss these lovely sights of spring.

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful post and photo on the dandelions. The photo of the crabapple and azaleas look beautiful.

Denise said...

Thank you for this very interesting post. I know people don't like dandelions in their lawns but they are a lovely wildflower in the fields, a lovely splash of yellow. I also remember my dad making dandelion wine way back in my childhood. Thanks for stopping by and identifying some of my flower photos :)
An English Girl Rambles

Luna Miranda said...

great info on the dandelion. it looks familiar but i'm not sure if we have dandelions here.

the second photo is stunning! i couldn't seem to take my eyes off your photo.:p

Lui said...

Oh so that's a crabapple! I saw one in our subdivision and I never had the chance to take a picture. Maybe, someday. . .

I love your flowers especially the previous posts. Very informative too!

chubskulit said...

Lovely blooms!

Moon Flower

guild-rez said...

Great post..
I love crabapple trees, some people call them nuisance trees. But many birds call the trees home and love the fruit.
Love the pictures and colour combinations as well.

Pat said...

Wildflowers are gorgeous in close-ups. The dandelion flower looks like a star bursting forth with cheery light. The crabapple and azalea are beautiful in their spring garb.

SandyCarlson said...

I love these guys, and I am grateful for the way they break up the monotony--and give the complainers something to focus on.

Kala said...

Gorgeous image of the crabapples blooming. One of my favorite blossoms in the world to photograph.