Friday, August 27, 2010

Eternal Snow Reed Stem Orchid

White Reed Stem Orchid
Epidendrum ‘Eternal Snow’
Synonyms: Star Orchid, Crucifix Orchid

This plant stumped Google and that doesn’t happen to often. I took this picture at an Orchid Nursery in Hawaii and remember being very surprised to see a white Reed Orchid. Before seeing this one I had only seen bright colors like orange, yellow and red. The white was a nice change. The flowers are small but make up for that by blooming in groups.

Epidendrums have been featured here before see this post for more information on the genus and some cultural information.

I am glad it is Friday as there is a busy weekend coming up. I have to get my little nephew his first train ride. There aren’t many trains in Hawaii where he lives (unless you count the rather lame Sugar Cane Train).


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Indrani said...

Lovely shot, thanks for those links.

Married to Singaporean said...

Lovely orchid, first time see this from your photos.

Ann said...

I have 5 colours of these crucifix orchids including a white one. Lovely, colourful plants that flower continuously. Easy to grow.
Ann (NZ)