Monday, November 27, 2006

This is some kind of African Daisy I think, maybe the Cape Daisy, (Osteospermum). It grew wonderfully in the container garden this year. It seemed like such a short season this year but I guess it was as long as any other. It really held on to the bitter end blooming until last week. Not knowing the name of a flower has never stopped me from taking a picture of it, especially if it is beautiful. It is kind of fun trying to find out what kind of flower it is. If I had more time now I could probably nail the name down. My wife says this picture really sums up my photography style. I am not sure, I don’t usually think that way.

I am preparing this Sunday night, as I have to leave early tomorrow. I have a big week planned. With the 6 plus inches of rain this month I am getting a little behind. I have a lot of correspondence to write for work and I have left until the last minute. If anyone can identify this flower please leave a comment!


Ki said...

Stunning colors. Makes you want to examine flowers more closely.

Digital Flower Pictures said...


Thanks for stopping by again and leaving a comment. Since I have been doing a lot of flpower photography I will never look at a flower the same again!