Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blc. Malworth 'Orchidglade'

Blc. Malworth 'Orchidglade'

This photo is from the Orchid Room at Longwood Gardens. It was a quite amazing collection of 100’s and maybe 1000’s of Orchids. Every plant was in full bloom and just loaded with flowers. I saw some colors that I didn’t know existed for Orchids. I took a lot of snapshots of the flowers but didn’t really have time to take serious pictures. There was someone else taking pictures with a tripod. That would help, as the lighting wasn’t great. I looked up this orchid on-line and found this website:


I found this blurb about ‘Orchidglade’

Blc. Malworth 'Orchidglade' FCC/AOS

Blc. = a Brassolaeliocattleya hybrid created using Brassavola x Laelia x Cattleya

Malworth = The hybrid name or "fancy name"

'Orchidglade' = clonal name - a variation of the Malworth hybrid

FCC/AOS = First Class Certificate presented by the American Orchid Society

This picture was a weird reflection off one of the Conservatory’s walls. It almost has a grainy quality. The Christmas Lights are extreme at Longwood Gardens. I tried to take a few pictures but didn’t really get anything. If you are ever near the Brandywine Valley during Christmas you must stop at Longwood.


Ki said...

Great looking catteleya. I have an iris that has a similar coloration the deep yellow with white trim.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Ki, It did remind me of an Iris!