Tuesday, January 09, 2007

‘Fred Howard’ Hybrid Tea Rose

‘Fred Howard’ Hybrid Tea Rose
1952 AARS Winner‘

‘Fred Howard’ is a nice looking Hybrid Tea rose that won a AARS award in 1952. It’s parentage is ‘Pearl Harbor x Seedling‘’. It has a mild fragrance and may still be available commercially. This picture was again (like yesterday’s) was shot at the Heritage Rose Garden in San Jose. It is a wonderful garden that is worth seeking out. I was there in the off-season but still found it to be enjoyable and fascinating. Some of the 1950’s All-American Rose Selections that I have seen still in cultivation (remember this is just personal experience) are; Queen Elizabeth, Tiffany, and of course Chrysler Imperial. For some reason no winners were selected in 1951.

I went to NYC the other day for among other things a look at the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. My friend had recently told about how he is now shooting panoramic photos in the portrait (or upright) method. This had never occurred to me before and I gave it a try. Here are the results and obviously I need to get a little better at it.

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Ki said...

Hey, except for the "little" problem of convergence it's a great photo!

Really lovely roses. Great variations of yellow. I am partial to yellow roses.