Saturday, November 20, 2010

Caramel Fairy Tale Floribunda Rose

Caramel Fairy Tale Floribunda Rose
Synonyms: Caramella, Reminiscence, Korkinteral

This rose has been a pleasure to have in the garden. The bush gets quite large (6 to 7 feet tall) and seems to have a good number of blooms throughout the season. One thing I particularly like about it is the high degree of disease resistance. The only thing missing is a heavy scent. The color is officially yellow but the flowers have quite bit of pink in them. They do fade to mostly yellow but the colors before that are beautiful. This rose is on my recommend list.

Bred by: W. Kordes & Sons in Germany, 2001
Introduced by: Palatine Roses, 2007
Petal Count: 40+

This second picture is an unknown rose that I saw in Southern California. It was in the big rose garden at South Coast Botanical Gardens but didn’t have a sign that was visible. A hybrid tea by the looks of it and by the size of the flower with an unusual dusky yellow color. I would really be hard pressed to describe the color to someone and it is only partially represented here.