Saturday, January 07, 2012

Bishop Of York Dahlia


Dahlia 'Bishop of York'


This is one of the dark leaved cultivars of Dahlia. The chocolate colored leaves are the perfect foil for the sunny yellow flowers. Last season was the second time we have had ‘Bishop of York’ in the Dahlia garden and it performed wonderfully. Changing the soil in the garden worked out well. We didn’t get any of that virus/crinkling of the leaves that we have had before. So if you are having fungus/disease problems with your Dahlias or Cannas I would recommend a soil change.

Speaking of performing wonderfully our new little band is chugging along. I love my new guitar and it has brought a classic Fender guitar sound to the mix. We should be ready to play out by late spring. I am going to be writing some reviews at some of the bigger guitar sites about the ’51 Fender Pawn model Stratocaster.


Diana Cooper said...

Your flower pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love flowers and especially like the lily - the colors in your strawberry rose daylily picture are breath taking. I joined your blog, looking forward to seeing more of your pictures. I also added a link to your blog on mine, and would appreciate it if you could do the same :) Have a great day!

Diana's Photography - Flowers & Butterflies

Ruby said...

very pretty!