Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tree Cotton

Tree Cotton
Gossypium barbadense
(gos-SIP-ee-um) (bar-buh-DEN-see)
Synonyms: Creole Cotton, Sea Island Cotton

It was weird coming on to this plant in the upcountry section of Maui. I had seen a small grove of Citrus trees on a back road and noted the location for later reconnaissance. Driving around Maui looking for stuff to photograph is quite a luxury. You never know what you may find. Unfortunately I am not going to make it out there this winter.

We have grown the black leaved Ornamental cotton (Gossypium herbaceum nigra ‘Black Cotton’) in the garden before. It is a plant that is rarely sold here but if you look you can usually find it at specialty growers. Even with that experience I wasn’t ready to see the majesty of the full-blown cotton balls growing on the side of the mountain. The plant was looking a little ratty but the brilliant white made up for that.

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Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Never have seen this one. Interesting.