Friday, January 27, 2012

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Guess here I am? That’s right the Magic Kingdom. We did have a truly magical visit to WDW yesterday with our granddaughter. I have to admit I had fun too. My camera didn’t seem to be working too well and I just used the 50mm/1.8 lens on the two days we have been here. It is not my favorite lens and is coming off the camera today. Of course lighting conditions at the parks aren’t very good and most of the time and usually the 50 handles it better. I shot most of my photos in Aperture priority mode since you have to be really quick to capture the moment. Even though it's a little slower the 60mm/2.8 micro-nikkor is a better lens for me.

Other than being a little exhausted we have been enjoying Orlando. The weather has been just perfect and there have been no other problems to report.

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Ruby said...

The castle photo is really good!