Saturday, August 01, 2009

Dinnerplate Dahlia Holland Festival

Dinnerplate Dahlia
Dahlia ‘Holland Festival’

This actually an Informal Decorative Dahlia, I think, but since its flower was as big as a Dinnerplate the name fits. The colors seemed a little washed out but Dahlias with white tips are always good looking to me. While the color might not have been my favorite the sheer size of the flowers made it really stunning. I am guessing it was at least 10 inches across and possibly more. It was flowering atop a 5 foot plant and I am not sure how the branches could support such large and heavy flowers. ‘Holland Festival’ was introduced in 1960 so I give it credit for being a survivor for so long. It can compete with the modern and showier hybrids.

This is another of the Karma series of Dahlias. This particular one is called ‘Sangria’ and it sure was bright and colorful. It is a lot newer than the first Dahlia being introduced in 1998.


i beati said...

all that color in one bloom blows me away !1sandy

Janet said...

There are some varieties of dahlias that are unbelievable in size. Love the color of the second one, Sangria. Just plain fun!