Saturday, August 29, 2009

Luna Blush Hardy Hibiscus

Hardy Hibiscus
Hibiscus moscheutos 'Luna Blush'
(hi-BIS-kus) (mos-KEW-tos)
Synonyms: Swamp Mallow, Rose Mallow

These flowers always have a lot of punch in the garden. ‘Luna Blush’ has been blooming for about a week now and still has awhile to go. This year we planted ‘Copper King’, ‘Luna Blush’, ‘Plum Crazy’ and two types of the ‘Pinot’ series. Out of those ‘Copper King’ has been the best with ‘Luna Blush’ coming in a close second. It just doesn’t have the scale of the larger ‘Copper King’. The main test will be if they return next year though. That will go a long way in determining which is truly best to me.

These flowers are easy to grow and are perennial in northern gardens. Don’t jump gun on thinking they died over the winter as the new spring growth emerges very late. The Hardy Hibiscus is heat and somewhat drought tolerant when established. ‘Luna Blush’ is nice because it has a semi-compact habit with 6 to 8 inch flowers.


i beati said...

such a new variety to me sandy

Anonymous said...

simply beautifully captured shot...lovely!

Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA said...

Well this is not only gorgeous but highly educational. I did not know that some hibiscus were perennial and would return. If they can make it in CT they sure can do so in Seattle. Hope I see some in a nursery. And huge flowers, too!