Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sweet Michelia Tree

Sweet Michelia
Magnolia doltsopa
(mag-NO-lee-uh) (dolt-SOH-puh)
Synonyms: Chinese Magnolia, Michelia doltsopa (my-KEE-lee-uh)

The fragrance of this tree still lingers in my mind. It smelled heavenly. The size, structure and flowers of the tree were impressive, also. It was my first time seeing a Sweet Michelia and it was great on every level except the flowers were very dirty, which I think was a local problem particular to this tree. It didn’t make for a pretty close up that is for sure.

Magnolia doltsopa is a native of the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. It grows to about 30 feet tall and can tolerate full sun or part shade. It likes moist soil and a sheltered location. If I lived in Zone 9 there would be one in my garden.

All the pictures in today’s post and the black and white from yesterday are from my visit to The Huntington in San Marino, California in February. It is an amazing place.

This is from the Chinese Garden. Shot with the Sigma 24mm / 1.8 lens. I have to break out that lens this weekend. Lately I have been using the 60mm and 105mm exclusively.


Les said...

It seems like all in the Magnolia clan have messy flowers, but when they are fresh, it is worth any mess.

Alpine Country Club said...

Great photograph of the Chinese Magnolia. I can believe that the smell was probably just as vivid, hence I must behold them myself soon.

Awesome post.

Sujata said...

I love the shots! So smooth....