Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two Orange Flowers

Two Orange Flowers

In the garden orange flowers are always a delicate subject. When I ask a customer what color they like in the garden there seems to be a 65 percent chance they will say anything but orange. For me orange flowers are not my favorite but often are striking and fun to have. This Hibiscus, which is a double flowered type, has been blooming like crazy since the slugs have left it alone. The pet and kid safe slug bait with Iron phosphate seems to be working great.

Having a couple of Hibiscus around adds a bit of a tropical flair to the gardens here. They can over winter in the house but they often get infested with different insects. If you can keep them pest free they will keep putting on a show in the house.

There are a lot of orange roses out there and some are better than others. 'Vavoom' is a Floribunda rose that was introduced in 2007. World renowned hybridizer Tom Carruth and Weeks Roses brought it to the market. So far it has done well and other than the flowers being a little small it seems like a good disease resistant and free flowering rose.

Here are a few facts about ‘Vavoom’:

Registration name: WEKjutono
Moderate fragrance
Petal count of up to 35
Parentage: Julie Newmar x Top Notch
Dark red new growth

This flower isn’t as pretty as some of the ones on this bush during the season. I just happened to have my camera and the time to get a shot.


JanuskieZ said...

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i beati said...

strong orange rose

Janet said...

Unusual to get an orange rose. I had/have an orange hibiscus...has yet to bloom as it was close to dead this spring.

Les said...

I am part of the minority that actually likes orange flowers. I tend to gravitate to them. 'Vavoom' is a nice color.

Cafe au Lait said...

I rarely see orange roses. Yours are beautiful. Happy WW!

Mine are here and here.