Sunday, February 18, 2007

Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens
Davie, Florida

I visited Flamingo Gardens in Davie yesterday. I have been there several times over the last twenty years and they have been doing a lot of work. There are several reasons why I love this garden. Overall, the tropical feeling is wonderful and there is a bit of Citrus Grove feeling on the back trail. The plant collection is top-notch, with several state champions included in the large trees. The Tropical Tree collection is the most impressive to me. It has been a little roughed up by the hurricanes but it is still a place to see some very large specimens. They also have some nice shrubs and a succulent collection. There are quite a few birds and other animals to see, including a Gator, of course.. The Flamingoes were eating right out of my hand. Karen let me use her D80 and it is a nice camera. I can’t believe how responsive it is. I will be posting some results of the 40 pictures I took with it. I used the D70s on the Flamingoes with the new Sigma 17-70mm. My only little knocks against the garden is that at $17 it is a little expensive. Try to find coupons or use AAA for discounts. The other was the plant collection could use a little better signage. Those are very small complaints and I think the staff does a wonderful job keeping up the place.

I am going to cut this short as I am forgot to bring my extra keyboard for my laptop. I hate trying to type with the onboard keyboard. This laptop (it is a G4 Titanium) needs to be replaced, as soon as I upgraded to Photoshop CS2 that really became apparent. The weather is cold and rainy but it looks like the sun is trying to peek out. It is supposed to get real windy.

Not really sure what flower this is. I just liked the lighting.


Ki said...

It's hard to beat a DSLR camera but I don't want to lug around all that weight and bulk.

The lighting is exquisite in both photos and the colors are just gorgeous.

Jonathan H said...
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Jonathan H said...

photos look great... and flamingo gardens in davie is one of my personal favorites too. let's hope this year's hurricanes don't do too much damage.

Paul said...

Thanks for the review. I'm planning on going to Flamingo Gardens tomorrow.

We joined as members down at the Fairchild Gardens in Coral Gables for $70, and then I realized that with that membership we also get free access to many other gardens in FL and the rest of the country because of the "Reciprocal Gardens Program". The program is organized by the American Horticultural Society (

Looks like F.G. only charges $65 for their two person membership.