Friday, February 09, 2007

Florida Bound

I have left all my packing to the last minute. Tomorrow is the big day as we leave for Florida. I hope I can update this space while we are gone. I am soooooo looking forward to seeing some flowers. It hasn't gotten above freezing all this week and I need a little warmth. The dogs are going with us which is always fun. The Husky has been to Florida three or four times before and this will be the rookie’s second trip. I guess I can't call her a rookie she is now 3 years old. A Border Collie is fun to travel with as their quirks provide for some good laughs. She is also good on the security front as she takes her job of protecting us very seriously. I am sure they can’t wait to start chasing the little lizards. They probably wouldn’t know what to do if they caught one, as the lizards are much too fast for the dogs. Having a Siberian Husky and a Border Collie is quite a combination. You never know what is going to happen.

Since Karen broke the kit lens that I lent her for her new D80 I went to Manhattan and got a couple of new lenses. Now it is not the time of year for me to be investing a lot in glass but I needed a wide angle for D70s. After much research I got the Sigma 17-70mm macro. It is a little faster than the Nikon lens it is replacing (2.8 compared to 3.5 for the Nikon). It seemed to provide the most bang for the buck. For Karen I got the Nikon 18-135mm. It is one of the kit lens for her camera and it also wasn’t to expensive. I went to 17th Street Photo in the Chelsea district. It was on the third floor and it looks more like an internet/mail order type of place. They were real friendly and although the salesman was real busy he answered all of my questions. Gave me a good deal on an SD card and a 72mm Circular Polarizer. On street parking was easy (imagine that) and it didn’t take too long to get out of there. I hope to post some results from the new lenses. I am going to take a couple of pictures with the D80 in Florida as I really haven’t had time to set up the menus and put it through some paces.

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beautiful pictures,well done..
the colours and lighting in this pic is stunning..keep up the great work