Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Myosotis species

This was probably the smallest flower I photographed of all last year. I thought the blue and pink together was interesting. This flower is from the big batch of seed I bought several tears ago. I used it in some of the woodsy edges of the garden and they loved it. They are biennial and the original patch has died down a little but I have noticed it popping up in a lot of places and the show is kind of moving around the garden. It has seeded itself in some problem areas and that is always nice. I can’t remember all the different types and cultivars I planted but it is fun having a good mix of heights, foliage and flower colors. According to Wikipedia’s Forget-Me-Not page:

”Color variation is not unusual within species, and white or pink forms are quite likely to be seen. They are popular in gardens, and cultivated forms often show a mixture of colors”.

So I guess this is not as unusual as I thought. I would recommend having a patch of Forget-Me-Nots in the garden; they are a classic. It does take a bit to get a patch growing and you will have better results if you tend to them a couple of times a year. Collecting and spreading the seed is easy. If any big weeds are growing amongst them I pull those but that is not many. They seem fairly adaptable for most conditions.

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