Friday, February 02, 2007

Double Daylily 'Moses Fire’

Double Daylily 'Moses Fire’

I forgot I had taken this picture this summer. I happened to see this at my local retail garden center. They really do a nice job on finding unusual cultivars of things. They always have some nice Daylilies. This one is was really unusual and had the most petals I have seen on a Daylily flower. While looking this up I came across this Daylily Auction Site . It looks like you could live out your daylily fantasies for a long time over there. I did see a lot of double flowered varieties on that site so this isn’t that unusual. That is one of things I enjoy about gardening, you can always find something new and wondrous. It still hasn’t lost its appeal to me.

I don’t grow as many Daylilies as I wish. Mostly because of the fact that the deer love them. I did plant some nice cultivars last spring and I am eager to see what they look this year after having a full year to get established. With the proliferation of the re-bloomers my other little knock against them is gone. That the flower cycle didn’t last long enough. One thing I have found them to very good for is stabilization of hillsides. They can grow on the side of a cliff, practically. Once they are established there is no more soil erosion. When I visited the Botanical Gardens in New Brunswick, Canada last August they had a really nice Daylily collection. I was surprised to see them growing along the stream and in a wet area. I will have to try that.

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