Saturday, February 24, 2007

Royal Park Bridge at Night

Royal Park Bridge at Night
Palm Beach, Florida

I am back in dreary, dull, desolate, dismal, drab, disconsolate Connecticut ;-) Just kidding, I am happy to be home but I guess in some ways it is true. We drove from Florence, South Carolina to Connecticut yesterday. It was quite a ride as I finally stopped at South of the Border and managed to transverse Washington, DC and Baltimore at the height of the Friday rush hour.

I did some night shooting the last night I was in Florida. I wished I had gone out earlier in the trip as Palm Beach was stunningly lit up at night. I wanted to check out the new lens and it did pretty well. Night photography is always a little frustrating for me because I usually forget to set up one aspect of the camera or another. I keep trying and hope to get a little better at it. This time I took my dog and she was much more interested in all the smells than the beautiful view of the Intercoastal Waterway or setting up the tripod. I think the Sigma 17-70mm did pretty well considering it was with windy conditions. This is the Royal Park Bridge, which connects Palm Beach with Mainland Florida. It has an interesting history that I found here. The area around the bridge’s eastern side has a nice park and marina. S.R. 709 turns into Royal Palm Way on the Palm Beach side. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that. It didn’t look safe to do it at night but the trees were beautiful.

I have a lot of flower photos to process and will posting them over the next couple of days. The night photos were the first ones I have downloaded. So in between unloading the car, writing a long letter to an old friend and getting back into the swing of things here I hope to update this site tomorrow. I would like to write more about my impressions of Palm Beach including the 40-carat diamond I saw.

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ldybug said...

I found a link to your blog on GardenWeb. I live in Stuart, but am in Jupiter and North Palm all the time. It's neat to hear how "out-of-towners" view our area. I take the lighthouse for granted and I never even thought about how the bridge is beautiful at night. Thanks.