Friday, March 07, 2008

Asian Corsage Orchid

Asian Corsage Orchid

I guess I have gone a little Cymbidium crazy. Looking back the photos of this particular type of Orchid came out the best and that is why I have been posting a lot of them. This one was an interesting off-white color.

Since the paperwork has already started I can’t say much right now. I have to finish up a couple of items and get to work. Yesterday was so heavenly for me. Being out in the nice air and working was great. There was even a hint of spring in the air.

On that note here is a picture of Pink Glory of the Snow (Chionodoxa forbesii 'Pink Giant') I took last year. It was quite a planting. These bulbs are easy to grow and spread nicely over a period of time. They, like most bulbs, need good drainage.


Anonymous said...

*spring!* Yes, looking forward to it, though I do believe it is already here for us, with a mini-cool front coming in on Sunday.

Love the cymbidiums. I have one that has bloomed for me twice, but hasn't in the past two years.

Ki said...

Is that what they call a mass planting? ;) Whew! that must have taken a lot of time to do. My preference is to grow the chionodoxa in small clumps especially next to rocks or hillocks in the garden. But visually that must be quite a display to see in person.

Katarina said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...
/Katarina at Roses and stuff

Priscilla George said...

The Asian Cosage Orchid is beautiful. I love it's soft yellow color and the light freckling in the center. The Pink Glory of the Snow look magnificent! I jotted them down in my future purchases list. It would be wonderful to have that many if you had a large yard.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

misti, I am jealous you probably have your Orchids outside all year.

Hi there. I guess that would qualify for a 'mass' planting :lol: The picture only shows part of it. It helps if these bulbs are happy they rapidly multiply but still that is a lot of digging.

katarina, thanks for leaving a comment.

Hi vanilla, I agree that Orchid color is unusual and beautiful. I am not sure it gets cold enough for the Glory of the Snow where you live but I hope you can grow it.

Merisi said...

Simply stunning!
The silvery leaves of the trees in the background made me guess that it's an olive grove, but then I saw that you are located in Connecticut. Now I wonder. ;-)

I love the black and white photos you took in Manhattan!

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...


A very very beautiful picture. Do you think that we can use it to make a real corsage or perhaps wrist corsage ?