Saturday, March 15, 2008

More from the Orchid Show

xBeallara Tahoma Glacier 'Ithan'
Cultivar Information: Miltassia Cartagena x Odontioda Alaskan Sunset, 1970
Orchidaceae (or-kid-AY-see-ay)

A few more shots from the 2008 NY Orchid Show. This Orchid had really nice big flowers. I have included a close up and a photo from further back.

This is a group of Orchids that I didn’t get the name of. Pretty pink and it was nice to see them all together like that.

I really want to go out and shoot some flower pictures today. It is raining and there is not much out blooming. Oh well, maybe next weekend.


Katarina said...

In the first photo, I see a little man bending down to inspect the petals.... great!
/Katarina (Roses and stuff9

Ki said...

They seem to be crossing different varieties of orchids more and more. Quite an interesting development. I think the orchid people were about the first to adopt scientific breakthroughs in culture. I remember they already were cloning orchids - meristem cloning - before it became a popular word or even known to the general public with the advent of Dolly the sheep. That way they knew all the plants would be like the parent and they could create many plants easily.

The pinkish purple orchid in the last picture is some kind of Phalaenopsis.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

katarina, I noticed if you look closely a lot of orchids have amazing details.

ki, happy spring. I agree there seems to be an unending supply of hybrids and cultivars. I think it is nice that the the developers have been great about keeping the names with the new plants.

Anonymous said...

wow! that's a good one there! thanks for sharing!