Friday, March 28, 2008

Group Orchid Photos

Group Orchid Photos

When I went to the Orchid show I tried a few group pictures instead of close ups. It is not something I would normally do but I am trying to ‘loosen’ up on taking the same type of pictures every time I go out shooting. I don’t have the identification on the first two pictures and the third is the same Orchid I posted yesterday CymbidiumRoxburgh Red’.

I have two more photos from Long Island I want to post. This first one is a color shot of the Glen Cove Yacht Club. I took it on a Saturday morning and there was no one around. I actually got lost and ended up here when the road ended. Please bear with me as I try a few different things with the camera this year.

This Black and White photo is from Bailey’s Arboretum. I going to talk about that more tomorrow and post a few more pictures from my visit there.

It is suppose to rain here today and be 38 deg. F. I will probably stay in the office for a while and then head out to look for some plants. Tomorrow I have a pruning job at Molly’s Veterinarian Hospital. They have graciously decided to let me work off some of my bill. Since it is a public building I am going to try a couple of before and after pictures. If they come out I will post them here.


i beati said...

now that's serenity

Nancy J. Bond said...

Beautiful photos.

Sandpiper said...

Beautiful pictures. It's been raining (very slightly) off and on here today, too. I think with this rain, and maybe the next sunny day, it's going to make the forsythia pop very soon.

Jacqueline said...

These are lovely, as is your site.
I love orchids.