Monday, March 24, 2008

Rainbow Orchid

Rainbow Orchid
Vanda Trevor RathboneBanjong

One thing I wanted to do on Saturday was take a nice pictures of a Vanda Orchid. They are among my favorite types of Orchids. Photographing them in the past as proved to be something I am not really good at. I got a few pictures on Saturday from among the beautiful collection of Vandas that were displayed. They had an almost black one, some nice purples, a red one and a yellow one. They also had some species, which I hadn’t really seen before.

This is a different hybrid. Sorry didn't write the name down.

These pictures are a building block for me. They show that some of the settings I was using are on the right track and I think I am I about to zero in and take a shot of a Vanda that I am truly happy with. I also posted a B&W photo of a Vanda yesterday.

Vanda Orchids are easy to grow and to me contain some of the best colors of the genus. They are native to the Himalayas, and parts of Australia and New Guinea. There are about 80 species. They love a lot of bright light and plenty of water during the growing season. They are best grown in a slat wooden basket with their monopodial (growing upward with a single main stem or axis that produces leaves and flowers) habit in mind. Vandas don’t like to be disturbed so repotting should be considered carefully.


Kerri said...

Absolutely glorious color and shape. I think you've done a wonderful job with these photos.

Priscilla George said...

Gorgeous. I've never heard of these orchids but I don't have much knowledge on orchids to begin with. I love the color of these. I think you too wonderful photographs, youre just picky picky.

joey said...

The 'Rainbow Orchid' is indeed a beauty, Chris, which you artfully captured. Aren't we fortunate to have a myriad of earth's gifts to photograph?

Digital Flower Pictures said...

kerri and Vl, thanks. I guess I am getting a little fussy but that is the way I try and push myself up to the next level. The important thing is I was enjoying looking at the flowers and taking pictures. I get to see some of the details that I might miss if I wasn't.

joey, I thank goodness for nature's bounty everyday.

i beati said...

the beauty of lioving in Fl is one never knows when an orchid will bloom like yesterday

Unknown said...

Those are some gorgeous flower colors there. I don't have the original scene in my mind's eye like you do, of course, but the second picture (of the unknown-name cultivar) is stunning. I'd be happy with that one. :)