Friday, March 05, 2010

Cuba in Flower: The 2010 New York Orchid Show

Cuba in Flower: The 2010 New York Orchid Show
Degarmoara Flying High 'Stars 'N Bars'
Degarmoara (day garmo-ara)
(Mtssa. Jet Setter) x (Odm. McNabianum)
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Today was a special day for me. We attended the 2010 New York Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. It was my first adventure ‘outside’ of my small local area and at first I didn’t feel up to it but once I saw the flowers I knew it was the ‘right’ thing to do. This year’s theme of the show is “Cuba in Flower” and all though I have never visited the Island it did have a very Caribbean feel to it. It was lush and full of flowers. There were these giant Orchid arbors this show and they were just spectacular. Even though my mind said that they were probably impossible in nature the flower displays had a very natural look to them.

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The 2010 show had more and different kinds of Orchids than year’s past (I have attended the show the last few years) although remembering from year to year can be a little difficult. I have to give the show two big thumbs up. It was imaginatively thought out and well executed. Definitely a bit of cure for those extra long and dark winter blues.

There were a few flowers out and about in the outside garden including Dawn Viburnum, Witch Hazels, Adonis and that was indeed a happy sight to see. It is suppose to warm up here over the next week and that will certainly help with our early bloomers.

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