Monday, March 08, 2010

Pink Fruiting Banana

Pink Fruiting Banana
Musa velutina
(MEW-suh) (vel-oo-TEE-nuh)
Synonyms: Elvet pink Banana, Hairy Banana, Baby pink Banana, Guineo rosado
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This Banana was a new one on me but appears to be very popular with gardeners in USDA Zone 8 (winter lows of +10 °F) and higher due to their ease of cultivation. They are easy to grow from seed which probably also helps their popularity. Another thing this type of Banana ha going for it is its relatively small statue (4-5 feet tall) at maturity. The fact that they can flower and fruit indoors is another nice trait.

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Oddly, the Bananas peel themselves when ripe. That can take some of the mystery out of when to pick them. Once open the fruit is usually only good for a day or two. I am definitely going to have to look into getting a couple of these for work. Since container culture is stated to be rather easy they should fit in with the other Bananas in the Conservatory.


Christine said...

That is fascinating! I learn so much here.

same day gifts london said...

I can't believe those bananas peel themselves when they ripe! I wish all bananas would do that :) beautiful pix

Anna said...

Is that what bananas look like as flowers? Amazing!
I usually play "Ruby Tuesday", but had nothing red on my post today.
Happy Wordlessness!

Kala said...

Lovely pink blossoms, I had not read about this type of banana plant before - good luck with growing it.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks for the comments. The top picture looks like most Banana flowers.

flowers vijayawada said...

Bananas peel themselves? God is just great!