Saturday, March 06, 2010

Orchid Show NYC-2010- Part Two

Orchid Show NYC-2010
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Here are a couple of more shots from the Orchid Show. These were both shot with my Nikon P6000 compact camera. I have really begun to rely on it for any wide-angle shots and super close ups. Yesterday for ‘big’ cameras all I had was the D700 and the 60mm lens. The Sigma 24mm lens is just too big to tote around for one or two shots so the P6000’s 28-112mm equivalent lens has to take care of the wide end. There are other converter lens you can get for the camera but to me the quality is usually sub-par. Plus the fact that you end up futzing around with the add-on lenses instead of shooting pictures.

The first picture is a replica of one of the towers from the Castle of the Royal Force in old Havana that has the bronze statue La Giraldilla atop of it. Here is a link to a brief summary of the Castle and the statue (see the third paragraph) destination It really added a touch of realness to the show and it was fun to see in the water garden that welcomes visitors to the Conservatory at the NYBG.

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The second photo is a small hut that was festively adorned with a lot of Orchid flowers. It was nice since you could actually go inside and look out. Karen took a picture of me inside (which thankfully will not be appearing on this site) and she was happy since I looked good-humored inside there. My illness has been harder on her in some ways than me. She is the one that had to find me and that has left a bit of a haunting picture for her. This little house did kind of look like something you might find on a farm in Cuba or even some parts of the United States. It again added a lot to show and it would make a great potting/tool storage shed!


Les said...

I am glad you were up to getting out. Did the govt. of Cuba have anything to do with this exhibit? I know there has been some recent thawing of the glacial ice that seperates our two countries.

Naturegirl said...

I am sure it was an oustanding show to enjoy..I am always amazed at the varieties. Love the first shot!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi Les,

I am not sure if the govt of Cuba was involved. I do know someone that works at the NYBG and he travels all over he world so it might have been. Someday we Americans may be able to travel there. Not to get too political here I think the boycott is stupid and served its purpose long ago.

Hi Nature girl. It sure was a sight for winter sore eyes. One good thing about living in CT is its proximity to NYC.

Sara Chapman said...

Wow what a show and thanks for sharing your experience. Hope whatever illness you referred to is mending or gone.