Monday, March 01, 2010

Two Yellow Daylilies

Two Yellow Daylilies
Hemerocallis Atlanta Gem’ and ‘Honey and Spice
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'Honey and Spice' Daylily Click Here for a Larger Version

Just to try and break up the Hawaiian/tropical flower routine that this blog has fallen into here are a few Daylilies from the garden last summer. ‘Atlanta Gem’ was introduced in 1989 and has been in the Daylily border for a couple of years. Each year it seems to expand and bloom better. ‘Honey and Spice’ is a lesser proven cultivar although it did well last year. The color on ‘Atlanta’ seems a little more sure of itself and is more ‘crinkly’ along the edges which is something I find very desirable in a Daylily flower. Both of these hybrids grow to about 36 inches tall and there isn’t anything that distinguishes one from another until the flowers come out. ‘Honey and Spice’ does try to rebloom a little bit but it isn’t as good at it as some of the other cultivars like ‘Happy Returns’.


Carletta said...

Beautiful sunny yellow!
I'm looking forward to seeing my daylilies bloom again.

Kathy said...

I think daylilies must grow just about everywhere, and, if so, that truly makes them a universal flower!

Same day gifts London said...

Those Daylilies are BEAUTIFUL!

Kala said...

Beautiful daylilies. They bloom here for many weeks during the summer.