Monday, March 22, 2010

Samba Guzmania

Guzmania lingulata 'Samba'
Synonyms: Bromeliad
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Another tropical plant but this photo was shot locally, in a friend’s greenhouse. Until now I would have just called this a Bromeliad but now see that this one of 100 species in it’s own genus, Guzmania. They are primarily air plants and native to the tropic regions of the world. ‘Samba’ is of course a cultivar (cultivar = cultivated variety) and is patented. It’s parents were a cross between two unreleased seedlings owned by a nursery in Assendelft, the Netherlands.

‘Samba’ was selected for it’s intense yellow bract color, compact growth habit and long flowering habit (up to 6 weeks). They can be easy to grow indoors but you do have to watch the watering and amount of light on a seasonal basis. Don’t take my advice, because I haven’t been able to get them to reflower indoors :lol:.


Kala said...

Beautiful color. I'd like to have a little greenhouse one day myself.

Indrani said...

Beautiful flower!