Monday, April 26, 2010


Corydalis magadanica
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Corydalis magadanica is native to Siberia and is considered rare in its natural environment. It is just starting to get into the horticultural world after being introduced in 1993. It likes rich and moist soil and partial shade. I haven’t tried to grow it as this specimen was spotted at a local retail nursery in what I call the super expensive Alpine section of plants. It is an early bloomer and those types of flowers are usually always welcome in the garden. It grows 12 to 28 inches tall and the bleeding heart looking foliage is really nice looking.

We got a half inch of rain yesterday, hooray! Walking outside after it was over was wonderful. Everything had a very refreshed feeling to it and the nasty coat of pollen that was stuck to everything was gone. It has been a terrible allergy season so far and the rain seems to help break that up a little. We are due for some more rain today which isn’t great since we have 20 yards of mulch scheduled for installation in White Plains today. Oh well, there is always Tuesday to get it done.


Denise said...

I like the look and sound of this fascinating little plant. Thank you for the information and for sharing it with us.

joey said...

A lovely plant and photo, Chris.

earn quick money said...

wow! interesting little flower. the photo is nice, it really captured its color.