Friday, April 02, 2010

Hybrid Tea Rose ‘Love & Peace’

Hybrid Tea Rose ‘Love & Peace’
Synonyms: BAIpeace, Pullman Orient Express
Introduction: 2002
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Here is a kind of time-lapse rose from last year. I took a picture of the rose bud and then a few days later happened to be in the garden again and took a picture of the flower. The bud in many ways is more attractive to me with all its promise of the future packed tightly together. The full flower is not to be ignored on this rose. It is robust and colorful and has a nice fragrance. I am not sure but often times the blending and shading of the colors is a little different in every bloom.

Preliminary investigations of the big rose garden found that the mice had been busy eating the canes under the snow and 40 of the 200 bushes will need to be replaced. It always seems to be something but it wasn’t the weather this winter.

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Today we are actually building a garden at my house. I have ordered 90 Daylilies from White flower Farm and they should be delivered soon but there is much preparation to be done first. I was happy to see that WFF is again offering their collection of 50 Daylilies at a reasonable price. They are now calling it the Unique 50 instead of the Nifty 50. I would prefer named varieties but have had pretty good luck with these collections. Once the Daylilies arrive I am going to add some perennials.

Unique 50 Daylily Collection from White Flower Farm


Janet said...

Happy planting!! Sorry to hear about the roses. Rotten mice!

Rena Nunley said...
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