Friday, April 23, 2010

Fiesta Border Forsythia

Border Forsythia
Forsythia x intermedia 'Fiesta'
(for-SITH-ee-a) (in-ter-MEE-dee-a)

This seems to be a dwarf Forsythia as it has been planted for at least 15 years and only managed to get to about 5 feet tall. The foliage is variegated with green and kind of a lime color. It gives a nice effect when out of bloom. It has always been a well-behaved and low maintenance shrub. In contrast to ‘Fiesta’ on the other side of the Juniper in this picture is a large planting of Showy Border Forsythia. It is in an almost constant state of unruliness and needs to be pruned several times a year to keep it from growing over the driveway. “Fiesta’ seems to bloom a little later than the traditional types of Forsythia although that is a casual observation and not a for sure fact.

I hope everybody’s Earth Day was happy. Mine was okay. I did have to cut down a tree that had toppled over during the winter and I felt a little bad about that but there was no way to save it. On the bright side I found a Bumble Bee that had gotten a little too cold the night before under a Rhododendron and moved him to the sunshine and in a little while he recovered and flew away.

This daffodil was blooming near the ‘Fiesta’. It was pretty and definitely a little late. Most all of our daffs have gone by.

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