Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yellow Magnolia

Yellow Magnolia
Magnolia x ‘Hot Flash
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This is a very yellow Magnolia and it was just starting to bloom last weekend. That gives it the potential to extend the magnolia blooming season. One thing I learned while researching this post is there are many more yellow Magnolias than I thought. There is a ‘Yellow Bird’ in my garden and it is still flowering, with the buds the deer were kind of to leave me.

‘Hot Flash’ is suppose to form a small tree to 30 feet with both big and bold foliage. The nursery wanted $495 for about 12 foot plant. It did have a lot of buds and was a handsome specimen. There were only two for sale. This Magnolia is a cross between M. 'Woodsman' x M. 'Elizabeth’. ‘Elizabeth’ I am familiar with, while not common, it is easy to see large trees of that variety. I have not seen ‘Woodsman’ before and will keep my eye out for a look.


marco said...

Nice protography. :) like it a lot.. i am practicing my photography on nature and also my use of photoshop.. :)

SandyCarlson said...

Didn't know they came in yellow. That is gorgeous.

Princess Haiku said...

Wow! didn't know they came in yellow. Will you post it when it blooms? Do they come in any other colors?

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi Princess, Not aware of any other colors but pink, white and light purple. I will try and post up a picture when the flower is out.

Janet said...

Hot Flash? haha I can relate. I was thinking of getting Elizabeth for my brother and sister in law as their daughter is Elizabeth....but then I also found one named Mary-- sister in law's name. Oh the decisions. I like giving plants for Christmas.

Tabib said...

Pure and simple!