Thursday, April 29, 2010

Unusual Rhododendron

Unusual Rhododendron

For the past couple of years I have had the pleasure of tending to this Rhododendron. Its color and habit are unusual for this area. It has been doing a lot better since we have been putting up burlap protection during the winter. After we started doing that it has rewarded us with a lot of flowers. I would find the color hard to describe as the buds are almost a completely different color than the flowers. This plant gives off kind of a warm pastel glow when the sun hits it right.


Janet said...

quite a beauty, I guess the name is unknown.

Christine said...

I love Rhodies, live in Rhodie country. This specimen is stunning. The bud detail on the second photo is awesome. Do you know its name?

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I don't know the cultivar name and haven't sen anything like it to match up with.