Thursday, April 22, 2010

Red Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple
Acer palmatum 'Shindeshojo'
(AY-ser) (pahl-MAY-tum)
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Every spring I try and capture some of the glory of the emerging new growth on the japans Maples at the Estate. This year they came out so fast that there wasn’t time to do a comprehensive study. This cultivar is not a great tree if you are going to have just a few Japanese Maples. It is a weak grower that can form an ungainly specimen if left to its own devices. For a week or two during the spring it has an amazing red color and that is its best time. The summer brings on more of a green-pink color with some red new growth. Fall color is good but not like the spring. 'Shindeshojo' is what I consider a medium sized Japanese Maple. It has grown to about 8 feet tall in 15 years and seems to be spreading out a little now. There have been several winters where it got pretty bad winter snow damage.


Janet said...

I have both a red Japanese Maple and a green one. I love how the red one is dark burgundy in the spring and early summer, transforming to green. Mine had glorious fall color this past fall...better than many other years. The green one while it remains green all season until fall, it also turned the most amazing colors last fall. Both are volunteer seedlings that are unnamed.
Your photo is a great depiction of its early colors.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful color, and wonderful photo!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

yu are discovering some of the fun of Japanese Maple culture. The fall show is almost as good as the spring.

Thanx, icy.

Maris Ehlers Photography said...

I love maple trees of any sort, but especially red ones. I don't think I have seen this variety before, and your image is a lovely way to show it off. Beautiful!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks, Maris.