Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Golden Barberry (Berberis 'Golden Carousel')

Golden Barberry
Berberis 'Golden Carousel'

This is actually a spring picture. I have been going through the archives because someone contacted me about possibly using some spring flower shots. I found several that I never processed and have been scouring my hard drives for some other appropriate material. One thing I love about digital flower photography is you can see right when you took the picture. Among other things I have been searching by date for any files created in April and May. I could see all the dates that took pictures this spring. It seemed like I was getting out with the camera every four or five days.

I think this is part of the ‘Carousel’ series of Barberries (along with ‘Ruby Carousel’ and ‘Emerald Carousel’). This cultivar is a fantastic plant that has dramatic new growth. These flowers could probably be called insignificant, as they are really small and a little hidden along the branches. They are plentiful and pretty and add a bit to the general color of the plant. The fall color is quite good, also. I saw some people were recommending part shade but mine is in full sun here in Connecticut. It never seems to get too big which is a nice attribute and has a little less coarseness than some of the other Barberry.

Here is a snapshot of the new growth.

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