Sunday, June 04, 2017

Lipstick Lychnis

Lychnis Lipstick
Lychnis (LIK-niss)

This is a plant that clearly exceeded its ability to get named. There are many identities that this plant is masquerading under. Developed by Sunny Border Nurseries here in Connecticut this plant shows a lot of potential. The vermillion color is super and only partially represented here. The dark foliage tips add a beautiful background that is a nice compliment to the flowers.

Generally I think of Lychnis as a cooperative plant that grows well in lean soil and dry conditions. It often reproduces from seed but not in a bothersome way. This plant can be used in the cottage garden, perennial border and in tough rocky areas.

Here is another one from my non-flower photography tries. It is a conversion from a color shot because the D70s does not have a monochrome setting. It is a box car on the Housatonic Railway.