Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wax Begonias

Wax Begonia
Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum
(be-GON-yuh) (sem-per-FLOR-enz kul-TOR-um)
Synonym: Fibrous Rooted Begonia

These Begonias were growing at the farm and have been doing well all season. They are one of my favorite annuals. Growing in full sun to almost full shade they are adaptable to many spots in the garden. You can even take a few inside and grow them over the winter. These flowers do like their moisture and dry conditions often result in stunted growth.

Wax Begonias are probably the most popular of the over 1300 species of Begonia which are classified by root characteristics and top growth. There are hundreds of strains and cultivars within those 1300 species that give an almost endless array of flower colors, leaf shapes and colors. This Begonia is native to Brazil and is actually a tender perennial. The climate here makes them an annual but the plants can be propagated easily from leaf and stem cuttings.

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loli said...

i beati said...

I need a big barrel full next year sandy

DeniseinVA said...

Two lovely photographs and thank you also for the interesting information on them. Have a great week.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I seem not to have success with begonias...not sure why. They look about the same as when I planted them back in June. Oh well, season is just about over.

ChrisJ said...

These are the one kind of flower we can grow very successfully in our yard -- almost year round.