Thursday, May 27, 2010

Peach Drift Rose

Shrub Rose
Rosa 'Peach Drift'
Synonyms: Meiggili, Peach Compact Meidiland

Recently when the weekly email from a local wholesale nursery arrived in my inbox it featured ‘Peach Drift’ roses. Since I was still looking for some replacement roses it made up my mind to try a few of these since the color and habit looked so nice. There was no disconnect between the picture and when I actually saw the rose. Both were beautiful. As I have said here before the owner of the rose garden and I decided to try a few untraditional types of replacement roses this year and ‘Peach Drift’ seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

The color pretty much melted me but I was happy to read that the flowers can be used as cut flowers and has some fragrance. It is also touted as being very disease resistant. One of the more important aspects of the selection process this year was hardiness and ‘Peach Drift’ is a winner on that front also being rated for USDA Zone 5b. Growing only to about 18 inches tall I selected a prominent position in the front of the border of roses for the two plants. I am interested to see what happens. It has been about 2 weeks so far and it is still loaded with flowers and buds. Hope it can continue through the season.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I look forward to your assessment, need a low growing rose to put on the bank of lake. I want some kind of shrub that is disease resistant, full season bloom period, no more than about 18-24 inches tall.....and fragrance would be a big plus. Have been looking at the Meilland series and Kordes.

i beati said...

superior color

nigloo said...

jolies roses!!