Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eva Cullum Garden Phlox

Garden Phlox
Phlox paniculata 'Eva Cullum'
(floks) (pan-ick-yoo-LAY-tuh)

Well I have to take back what I said about this Phlox earlier on this blog. This was its third or fourth year in the garden and it didn’t get any Powdery Mildew. It again bloomed beautifully and the foliage stayed clean. The color is amazing, a really dark pink, and the plants seem to stay at a reasonable height and didn’t require staking. Garden Phlox is always a classic to me and when blooming it owns the back of the border.

We moved the four big Japanese Snowbell (Styrax japonicus) trees over the last two days. It was a big job but came out okay. Lifting them out of the 3 foot tall stone planters was the hardest part. Wow they were heavy. They look nice in their new home and hopefully will do well. I got the go ahead to plant five 8 to 10 foot tall Oriental Spruce (Picea orientalis) behind them. Which are some of the largest specimens I have ever seen for sale. Also going into the new garden is a Weeping Cherry (Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula'), some Knockout Roses and some sod. Since this garden already has one of just about every common landscape plant I will have to be a little creative about what else to plant. Sadly the new area is outside the deer fence, which cuts down my prospects by a lot.

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