Sunday, October 12, 2014

Miltonidium Orchid

Miltonidium Fall in Love 'White Fairy'

Here is an orchid that combines two of my favorite genera into one beautiful type called Miltonidium (Mtdm). They are a combination of Miltonia and Oncidium orchids that often retain the desirable characteristics of both genera.

I know this blog has gone dormant for a long time but now that I have two young grandkids that live with me full time it is difficult to have time to do anything unrelated to them. I am going to try and start posting a couple of times a week because I miss getting the feedback from the photos and learning new information about the flowers I have been photographing.


Unknown said...

Nice to see you back! Looking forward to seeing your posts...hope you're enjoying those little grand kids. :-)

Ruby said...

Great that you decided to start blogging again! Beautiful flowers :))

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thank you both. Those kids are a handful but well worth it.