Friday, January 23, 2015


Clematis triternata 'Rubromarginata'
(KLEM-uh-tiss) (try-tern-AH-tuh)
Synonyms: Clematis flammula var. rubromarginata

This is a slightly different twist on Clematis compared to the large flowered garden cultivars. It seems to make its mark by having a huge shower of smaller flowers. The vine is also more aggressive and larger growing. A good end of dormancy shearing will keep this plant in check and still provide good flowering. The group shot shows how pretty a big group of the flowers are.


Misti said...

Really cool clematis!

Was going through some old stuff and found your link's been awhile since I've been here. Looks like for you as well!

khuku moni said...

This is very nice Flowers Pictures . Really like this