Thursday, December 24, 2015

White Eastern Redbud

White Eastern Redbud
Cercis canadensis 'Alba'
(SER-sis) (ka-na-DEN-sis)
Synonyms: Canadian Redbud, Judas Tree

This tree’s name doesn’t really make sense because there is nothing red about it. The tightly crossed buds of this tree are a slightly greenish white and the flowers open to a pure white.

The white flowered form is much rarer than the pink/red flowering ones. Neither of these trees are what I call common although quite often they pop up unexpectedly. Red buds, in general, are what I consider a short-lived and weak tree that has a spectacular few weeks in the spring. Then they fade back in to obscurity for the rest of the season. They simply fall over or snap if not pruned properly. We have repaired several (with nuts, bolts, washers and wire) and had them live for several years after that.

Merry Christmas to all. Since I have kids now the season takes on a slight bit more magic and meaning to me.

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